For Eu passport and citizenship of Cyprus there are several ways and each of them leads to success. There are naturalization program. in the present case, the applicant may be a resident of any country, who lived on the island legally for seven years. The cases in the Ministry has delays sometimes, but even if you get denied for any minor reason, or for no reason at all, you may win the case in court and get your Passport anyway.

In addition to naturalization program there is an expedited procedure for obtaining citizenship through investments. In this case, you need to purchase an investment property for the sum 2 500 0000 Euro. It may be a few new apartments or single property. After your purchase within 3 months you will obtain citizenship, than, after 3 years properties for the sum of 3 0000 0000 can be sold. Your must remain one object to the amount of 500 000. This object will be a guarantee of the preservation of passport and citizenship.

We have a specially designed programme with attracted funding, calculated for local legislation and migration procedures. We'll meet you at the airport and will accompany your documents through all instances to obtain fast and guaranteed results, up to passport receiving. Proposal capable of intrigue and surprise. Send a letter or call us, we guarantee that at the moment this is the best offer in Cyprus.