Who will be interested in the Cyprus nationality and residency today?

UK citizens voted to go out from the European Union will possible consider invest scheme for obtain Cypriot citizenship. According to IPPP.org to 59 thousand UK expats stay on Island permanently.
According data from law firms of South Africa in the year 2016 the number of wealthy citizens are considering obtaining second citizenship doubled.
The inhabitants of Arab countries and Israel have attracted by a very simple terms. When you paticipate in the investment scheme is not necessary to stay in Cyprus, language learning, citizenship could get a dependent child up to 28 years old.
According to Europian Statistics 2274 persons became citizens of Cyprus in 2014. The rich Russians received 616 Cypriot passports and their number is growing.

The above brief review of statistics and news shows growth in the demand for services of this kind.
What does it take to get citizenship the easyest way?

5 essential steps to obtaining a passport

1. Log into the Group program (Group advantage program is to decrease the amount to 5 million to 2.5) and choose real estate for the amount exceeding 2 500 000 Euro.
After three years investor can sell investment package with 2 000 000 amount. House for the sum of 500 000 your should keep forever.
2. Concurrently with the choice of an investment package, need to be prepared documents for filing application (M127 form and related documents)
3. The application must be previously approved by the Ministry of Internal and the Ministry of finance. Approval takes about 2 weeks.
4. Next, you need to fill and submit a package of documents requested by the Ministry. Each case is considered individually.
5. After three months from the date of procedure you will receive a certificate of citizenship. Official date of issue and compulsory to obtain a certificate-4 weeks.

Below we privide extended information.

Paragraph 1. Group program and selection:
Group program differs from the individual, so that the minimum investment amount is reduced to 2 times- from 5 000 000 to 2 500 000. An investor who goes on by individual program must invest € 5 000 000.
Choice of one of the most crucial steps and there is a possibility of a wide range of investment.
A wide variety of choices for investing allows you to minimize risks including a profit.
Land without buildings and approved projects can't constitute as a basis for citizenship.
Project must have a status of approved and registered in Civil Engeneering Department.
You can purchase only the newly built or under construction of apartment buildings or structures.
Commercial real estate for the amount of 2 500 000 (for example Office building) will increase the amount of payment plus 500 000 euro, that you must have purchased a House to stay.

Paragraphs 2, 3 and 4.
A package of documents is requested with regard to individual features, but in most cases, this is documents on real estate, M127 form
and documents confirming the absence of criminal records, birth certificates of children and certificate of marriage.
The documents include in itself
a. statement on form M127-must be filled in and signed in the presence of representatives of the Ministry or the Court
a. the contract on purchase of the real estate is registered in the land Office
b. certificate from the Bank for payment
c. If the housing has already been built, should be given a title.
d. certificate of no criminal record from the mills.
e. ad copy in the Cyprus newspaper (in two editions in a row)
f. CV

Other personal documents , like a birth certificate, marriage certificate, birth certificate of the child require translation into English or Greek language and verification by PIO and Apostille for countries, which sign Geneva Convention and the assurances of Ministry of Interior for other countries. Documents must be filed in the original plus copies and paid a fees - 2000 for each family member. If a child age is less than 8 years - fee will be only 80 euros.

Item 5
After 90 days from the date of payment fee 2000 Euro, certificates and passports will be issued. Here is another fee must be applied by each family member - 5000 euros.
Child's less than 8 years are not a subject for this fee.

In future articles we will try to answer questions that are frequently asked in the process of acquiring the citizenship of Cyprus.