About new projects that will contribute to the economic development and welfare of the Paphos mayor said Phaidon Phaidon. He added that changes in Paphos "wentto a new level."

Paphos municipality currently working on seven big infrastructure projects.

All the projects are in the active phase and soon preparing to launch another seven,from day to day must be announced tenders for their implementation. Mr Phaidon acknowledged that there are delays in the region of 10-15 days, but this should not affect the schedule of deadlines, which vary from 9 months to 12 years. Paphos Mayor assured that tenders will be completed on time, in the worst case, delayed by 20days, adding, but this does not mean that local authorities stop and lose vigilance.

Mr Phaidon noted that there are contractors who deliberately increase the time to get additional payments for speeding up the process. He noticed that the municipality would not accept such manipulations.

Some projects have appeared sudden changes, due to unforeseen circumstances, such as on the street Thermopylae, perhaps representing the pipeline found historical value. It supposedly dates back from 1860 till1932 year. Archaeologists, including do not exclude its link with the activities of the Ottoman Empire.

Estimated investment in future objects

Diikitiriou square-€1,350, 000; streets around the theater Markideiou-€1,175, 000; ten parks in Paphos with playgrounds-€ 650000; improvement of 10 access roads to Pathos-€ 180000; substrate for nine roads-€ 450000; It is also planned to greening the streets of Tombs Of The Kings-80000 €; entrance roundabout -€ 600000.

Archaeological objects are allocated in one common draft for the sum of € 4,000, 000.

In the first 10 years in the city will be built new residential and commercial buildings - hotel in Paphos in 158 rooms and multi-storey building in the city centre. Planned refresh the facades of the city builings and to conduct additional landscaping that according to Mr. Phaidon will enable citizens and all Cypriots proud updated city.

Polis and its development dynamics.

A number of proposals submitted by the Mayor's Policy on financing urban projectsin the framework of the EU programme aimed at modernizing the infrastructure andposledueŝee the development of the tourism industry and improving the quality of life of the citizens of Cyprus. According to the municipality since April 2016 year within the framework of the programme "Interreg 2014-2020" and cross-border cooperation programme Greece-Cyprus in total, put forward three proposals.

Financing of projects selected on 85%.

Development of "Agora" with a budget of € 1023675

"Senior" Routes "with a budget of € 873393

"Photovoltaic Waste" with a total budget of € 621000.

Municipality of Polis will also submit a proposal for a programme of "rural development 2014-2020-measurement-7", the construction of an open Amphitheatre of the city and renovate elementary school community. The cost of the two projects is estimated at € 1.900.000.

Also preparing to submit improvement and modernization of the port of Latchi, within the framework of the programme for the development of "sea fishing". According to the Mayor's will be built open construction of the amphitheatre and it is necessary for urban development and will be used for cultural purposes in particular.

In conclusion, the mayor said that he and the City Council intends to further develop and expand their cooperation in the field of policy and the surrounding areas.