Cyprus was praised by the results the Commission evaluates the conditions for granting nationality for investment. According to a report by consulting firm Henley & Partners, which analyzes and evaluates programmes to provide investment nationality applicable in different countries. The Cyprus ranks second, immediately after theMalta according to research Global Citizenship Program Index (GCPI).

GCPI investigation about investment citizenship

For the preparation of the report of the Panel of eminent was created GCPI independent experts on immigration, it consisted of lawyers, economists, scientists and other specialists. The annual ranking, based on data collected by GCPI that reflect the value of the grant of citizenship for investments adopted by each country toguide foreign businesses and individuals wishing to acquire citizenship of another country. The publication of the ranking shows the degree of promoting business development in major markets, and the acceleration of integration processes, without additional documents.

GCPI index takes into account factors such as reputation, quality of life, the possibility of movement without visas, the processing time of applications, compliance with the investment conditions, living conditions and the flexibility and transparency of migratory procedures. Cyprus had received 71 points, thereby conquering the second place among eight countries, including Malta,Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda and Grenada. With regard to the reputation Cyprus ranks third, behind Austria and Malta. Reputation of a country is determined by the image and perception over time, investors and top managers income, competitiveness, cities, organizations and companies.

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Second place was shared by Cyprus and Malta in terms of the quality of life, which is determined on the basis of economy growth factors. Accordingly, both countries are in the lead, together with Austria, on assessment of the work of the immigration officials. Although it is believed that bureaucracy Cyprus slows down or impedes foreign investment, but according to the comparative analysis of the list of countries, Cyprus has advantages worthy of first place on speed approval and acquisition of nationality, unlike other countries, where these procedures take much longer and have more difficulty.

In particular, the report notes that the request for citizenship is seen within two to three months from the date of filing forms. However, Cyprus has a slightly lower rating in the regulation, in terms of investment requirements. As noted in the report, countries like Cyprus go through the procedure of obtaining  nationality, by passive investments in real estate or actively investing in the business sector.

Position in conditions on terms for permanent stay is better than in other four countries and achieve the maximum points. At the highest level is the Cyprus regarding the flexibility of resettlement, together with Malta and Austria. Of course, it should be noted that the EU countries have an advantage because their citizens can move and stay freely in EU Member States. On transparency of Cyprus stands in second place with a score of-6, after Malta which has 9 points, while Cyprus received 9 points as the most popular place to stay for good.