On Makarios street in Nicosia will be built the tallest building in the city

Recently, residents of Cyprus capital could watch the demolition of the old building opposite City Plaza, which for many years were the offices of the Bank of Cyprus. Demolition company representative told reporters that the freed place will be built luxurious high-tech residential building.

The new House will be the highest in Nicosia, with a height of 30 storeys and with breathtaking views of the city. Building the new generation will have a spacious lounge, Concierge at the entrance, a fully equipped gym, underground parking and all the facilities, which one is necessary for this king of new modern residential buildings. Main innovation of this project is the new generation of low-power, class A, will use the latest technological systems.

"We want to create a "Smart House ", environmentally friendly and conducive to living in it," said a company spokesman.

While the project is still in development and the exact figures are not known, cost the same as the final architectural look. Now the company is completely focused ontearing down the old building and preparation of the construction site for the future.The representative also noted that the company uses an innovative method of demolition, who apparently tried in Cyprus for the first time.

Our goal stood to bring as little as possible disturbance to residents and not createadverse effects on neighboring buildings, said a company spokesman. The company adheres to high safety standards, so opted for a technique used mainly abroad. In fact House disrupted parts of the sequence as it was built. Debris remaining after demolition is sorted and will be sent for recycling. The special water pump constantly engulfs the building to reduce the resulting dust clouds.

The demolition process will take two to three weeks.